The philosophy of our dental practice is to respond in the best way to the needs and expectations of our worldwide patients. Our goal is to return a perfect result with minimal intervention. To restore and preserve your oral health, we use our clinical experience, knowledge and skills and we choose the right evidence based operative technique. for each and every case. Our specialized staff and the technologically advanced clinical equipment can promise a high-end successful treatment. Maintaining or restoring a healthy, shining and attractive smile together with a proper occlusal function, will fill you with satisfaction and self-confidence, while helping you to improve your health in general.


Dr. Eirini N. Georgiou graduated from the Dental School of the University of Athens in 2001.

During the academic years 2002-2005, she attended the postgraduate program at the University of Athens and was awarded the title of clinical specialization in periodontics and Master in Oral Biology.

The academic year 2007 she attended the postgraduate program at the University of Vienna and received the Master in Oral Laser Applications.

She follows the new developments in scientific events with the participation of European and International scientific conferences and participates as a speaker at numerous scientific events in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Since 2007, she is based in Europe and maintains a private practice in Athens, Greece dedicated in Clinical Periodontology, Intraoral Laser applications and Dental Implants with mainly exclusive international clients from the US, Russia and Australia.

She is a member of: The European Society of Oral Laser Applications | The European Society of Periodontology | The European Society of Osseointegration | The Greek Society of Periodontology | The Greek Association of Periodontology | The Greek Society of Oral Laser Applications